***Please Read Carefully***

Updated July 2021

Contact Policies & Screening:

I respect your privacy & expect you will do the same when contacting me. Email is the preferred method for making initial contact & screening is *required for all new clients.

Please read my website, especially the following pages - About My Sessions, Offerings, Session Descriptions, Availability, then follow instructions to Schedule An Appointment.

*Please note - I do not make appointments as gifts, surprises or via a friend for another person. Direct contact with me & full disclosure is required for all new appointments.

Once I have received your email, a brief phone interview/voice to voice contact is *required next, prior to our meeting, to ensure we are a good match & confirm an appointment with a deposit. This may include speaking with both parties of a couple.

I am selective about whom I see & reserve the right to accept or decline any appointment I choose. This is a SPECIALTY service & not for everyone.

Once we have seen each other, email, text or phone call is best to make future appointments.

Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policy:

A minimum 25% non-refundable deposit *is required to book an appointment & hold your time. If you cancel within 24-48 hours of your scheduled appointment time, your deposit is forfeited. If you cancel less than 24 hours, same day, no-shows, or arrive late forcing me to be unable to see you during our agreed upon appointment time, you *will be required to pay the full amount of the appointment time. Rates are non-negotiable, and NO refunds are issued after services have been received.


Welcome! When you enter let’s greet each other with a handshake, hug &/or a kiss on the cheek. Please remove your shoes once inside & leave them by the front door, as you have just entered my private temple & healing sanctuary.

Donation Protocols:

Please provide your donation upon arrival. Donation is non-negotiable & cash preferred. Any time/cost/service differences/overages will be handled at the end of your session. It’s a good idea to come prepared for this with extra cash or a ready form of electronic payment.  I accept cash, venmo, cashapp, paypal & Zelle.


I will then show you to the restroom where I ask you to *please wash your hands & use the mouth wash provided, or shower if needed.

You are welcome to shower at the beginning &/or end of your session. *Cleanliness is of utmost importance to me. I will always be fresh for you & I request the same of you.

*Please do not wear heavy cologne/perfume, skin/body lotions or creams to your session. I am chemically sensitive/allergic. Also, we will be using organic coconut oil which is great for your skin, but doesn’t combine/work well with skin lotions or creams, and you are welcome to towel off or shower when we are done.

Session Duration:

I do my best to keep to your time commitment, however, should things be going well & *you choose to extend or upgrade your session (with verbal consent), my time is on a compensated basis & you are responsible & will be asked to make up the donation difference at the end of your time.

Rules & Boundaries:

Play by my rules or don’t play at all! Rules of engagement will be reviewed at the beginning of every session to establish a safe & honoring container, including cleanliness, logistics, personal health & safety.

Boundaries, permission & verbal consent will also be discussed, practiced, honored & respected at all times. If not, the session will be terminated & you will be asked to leave immediately, your donation forfeited.


If you have ANY health conditions, skin conditions, recent surgeries, injuries, limitations, issues, or allergies, please let me know prior to or at the beginning of your session.

*If you are sick, or are just getting over a cold or the flu, please reschedule!

Cancellations and Time Considerations:

I am a very punctual person & appreciate you being considerate & courteous of my time. I have prepared & reserved this time especially for you.

If you are going to be late, or can not make a scheduled appointment, please notify me in as far advance as possible.

Arriving 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time will ensure that you have an unrushed experience. Please do not arrive earlier than that. If you do, please wait in your car until it is 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

If you are running late, please call or text to let me know. I allow a 15 minute grace period. Arriving more than 15 minutes late will come out of your session time.

*Same day/last minute cancellations, no-shows, or if you are running so late as to miss your appointment altogether, your deposit is forfeited & full payment is respectfully due.

Phone Protocols:

Please turn your phone off, put in airplane mode &/or ringer to vibrate on arrival. This is a CELL-FREE, NO DISTRACTION ZONE.


Contact is to be kept on a professional level. All contact via phone, text or email is meant to build & maintain a professional relationship, and for booking appointments only. And all time spent is on a compensated basis.

TEXTING in between appointments is inappropriate unless it’s to schedule. If you wish to stay connected & communicate in between appointments, please consider purchasing one of my COACHING Packages.


Tantrika-Love, Your Miami Tantra Goddess, is a highly skilled Tantra/Tantric Massage Practitioner, Teacher, Healer & Coach, who WILL bring more LOVE & WELL-BEING into your life! *NOT an escort. *NOT full-service. *Massage ONLY Guaranteed.