Curriculum Vitae



To uplift, inspire & empower others to manifest their highest potential.

To support people to embody their divinity.                       

To raise the vibration & consciousness of self, other & planet.

To promote holistic health, healing & wellness.

To promote the healing path of pleasure, love & spiritual, ecstatic embodiment.

To teach classes that cultivate, integrate & liberate body, mind & spirit.


Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Educator (2002)

Universal Life Church Ordained Minister (2001), Dr. of Divinity (2006)

Holistic Health, Wellness & Healing Arts Practitioner (1995)

FL Licensed Massage Therapist (1992)

BA in Music (1992)

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Counselor (1997)

AFAA Certified Aerobics Instructor (1989)


*Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork & Healing

*Swedish Massage

*Sports Massage

*Deep Tissue Massage

*Shiatsu & Barefoot Shiatsu

*Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork (table & mat/futon)

*Hot Stone Massage

*Aquatic Massage & Bodywork (floating in a warm water pool)

*Intuitive Massage

*Ecstatic Bodywork

*Sexological Bodywork

*Chakra Clearing, Balancing, Aligning

*Energy Work (Craniosacral, Connective Tissue Unwinding, Reiki, LaHoChi, Divine Love+more)

*Sound Healing, Toning & Chanting (voice, music, tuning forks)

*Yoga & Stretching (active, passive, assisted)

*Aquatic Therapy (massage, yoga, exercise, tai chi - in a pool)

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming

*Magnet Therapy

*Crystal Therapy

*Essential Oils


*Meditation & Prayer


*Compassionate Communication

*Life, Health & Wellness Coaching

*Self-Empowerment Coaching

*Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Coaching

*Love & Intimacy Coaching

*Couples & Relationship Coaching

*Psychic-Intuitive Readings & Soul Guidance

*Spiritual Counseling


Private Sessions  for Men, Women & Couples

Classes, Workshops, Lectures & Events

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, Rites of Passage