About My Sessions


Each session is uniquely geared towards the individual/couple & generally includes... intention, prayer & conscious communication... meditation, relaxation, toning & breathwork... energetic awareness exercises... full-body sensual, healing, tantric touch & massage... and learning to achieve deeper, higher & expanded states of presence, connection, relaxation, intimacy, ecstasy, pleasure & bliss.

Sessions may also include or focus on relationship, lifestyle, lovestyle & intimacy coaching, and spiritual counseling. (see additional topics here)

** During our time together, you may learn:

  1. 1.how to become conscious of & work with (control & direct) the sexual~creative~life force energy

  2. 2.the new paradigm of "energy" - your body as an energetic system - "chakras, kundalini & energy flow"

  3. 3.meditation, relaxation, breathing, toning & conscious communication techniques

  4. 4.new techniques for deepening intimacy, connection & pleasure (to self & other)

  5. 5.how to first receive, then give sensual, healing, tantric touch & massage

  6. 6.how to achieve heightened & expanded states of ecstasy, pleasure & bliss throughout the body

  7. 7.how to experience your ENTIRE BODY as an organ of pleasure

  8. 8.about ejaculatory choice/control (addresses PE & ED issues)

  9. 9.how to experience full-body ENERGY orgasm, expanded orgasm & multi-orgasmic response (MOR) in your body

  10. 10. how to awaken your ECSTATIC BODY & increase your ecstatic & orgasmic potential (which ripples out into every aspect of your life! :-)

  11. 11. what your lovestyle is & includes

  12. 12. relationship as a spiritual growth path (to self & other)

  13. 13. how to create sacred space & rituals to honor you & your beloved

      and  much much more...

**It is always my intention to provide the highest quality experience for you!

**Please respect my personal boundary of not working alone with men younger than 35 or 70 or older (some exceptions are possible)

***Read my article on “The Experience” here***

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