Miami Tantra Goddess


I’m an Advanced Tantric Practitioner & Teacher, Tantrika, Goddess in the flesh!... skilled in the Sacred, Sensual, Tantric Healing & Loving Arts!

With over 20 years experience in the Healing Arts, I’m highly skilled in various massage, energy & healing modalities & combine therapeutic, sensual & tantric techniques, to take you into deeper, higher & expanded states of presence (awareness, consciousness), connection, relaxation, ecstasy,  pleasure & bliss!!!

Let my nurturing, exquisite Goddess touch, energy & presence take you on a very special journey of awakening & pleasure!

I specialize in full-body Tantric Massage Rituals (The Art of Ecstatic Touch & Whole Body Worship), practice & experiences ~ to awaken & expand you, enlighten & enliven you, relax & absolutely pleasure you!!!

*** Currently in South Beach & Accepting Appointments***